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Old Spice Strikes Again

I saw this a few weeks ago and couldn’t think of a whole post to build around it, but really wanted to share it because, well, it’s just damn fun. Old Spice has been coming up with really creative ways to entertain and promote their brand at the same time for years now, from Terry Crews’ massive muscles to  Isaiah Mustafa’s magical horse riding and worldwide gift giving to Greg Jennings’ latest foray into the world of good smellingness.

So the creativity behind this interactive video came as no surprise:

A perfect blend of technology and WTFness, it encapsulates the Old Spice brand perfectly, and is entertaining enough to keep visitors engaged with the brand for way longer than any “normal” ad would be. Between the flaming saxophones, the falling sausages, and the spasmodic paper mâché head, there’s an overload of activity to control straight from your keyboard. Keep the fresh ideas coming, Old Spice.

Smile For the Camera!

The latest picture to capture my attention from the Mars rover Curiosity comes courtesy of the blog Bad Astronomy over at Discover Magazine:

Aside from reminding me of a childhood favorite, Johnny 5, this picture is amazing because you’re currently sitting at your computer, looking at a picture that a robot took, of itself, on Mars. Essentially you’re looking at an interplanetary robot postcard! That’s pretty freakin’ nuts! The entire Curiosity mission and its results so far have really blown me away and reminded me of just how smart and exceptional we can be as a people when we’re not busy blowing each other up or creating celebrity couple dating names. And I know that in 100 years, or probably even 50, putting this little guy on the Red Planet and getting pictures back is going to look like child’s play, but we dropped a damn robot on another planet that, as you read this, is rolling around taking pictures and gathering samples and doing lord knows what else that no human being has ever, ever done. For now, I’ll take that. And maybe one of these T-shirts.

This Week’s Cocktail

This week’s cocktail is the simple and simply named Tarragon Cocktail. After discovering it at the always great A Thought For Food, I found it to be the perfect drink to help navigate the transition from the long, hot days of summer days to the cooler, shorter days of fall. First, the ingredients/directions:

  • 2 oz. gin
  • 1 oz. fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 oz. tarragon simple syrup (heat and stir a cup of sugar and a cup of water create your simple syrup, then add 4-5 tablespoons of fresh, chopped tarragon leaves. Let stand for half an hour to an hour before straining out the tarragon.)

Pour all three ingredients into your shaker tin, then add ice, and shake. Strain into a cocktail glass (or, as you can see my the picture, any glass you happen to have laying around), and enjoy.

It’s not really blue, but then the iPhone isn’t really a camera!

The chilled crispness and tart lime start to remind me of a perfect summer daiquiri, but then the aromatic, anise-tinged flavor of Tarragon comes in and brings me to the earthy, comforting flavor of fall. As you can see, I used Tanqueray Gin since it’s what I happen to have, but I can see this working perfectly with the cucumber-flavored Hendrick’s as well. If you’re not a gin fan, you can use vodka, though I’d suggest using a good brand since you’ll be drinking it straight up and it will help to really let the tarragon shine through.

So there ya go, some quick thoughts to keep you entertained and help kick off the second half of the week. What’s been on your mind this week?

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